Feb 7       Souper Bowl of Caring (bring food!)
Feb 9       Mardi Gras
Feb 10     Ash Wednesday Service, SFPC 6
Feb 12     Art Walk-at SFPC!
Feb 13     Language & Literacy night
Feb 21     Buy Girl Scout cookies for troops
Feb 29     Leap Day!


February Birthdays
Benches for Bradley, collection completed
News from PCUSA

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Around SFPC

  • Hugs from a friend in Guatemala

  • Soccer break at Hope for Tomorrow.

  • Talking things over with the kids!

  • Caring for God's creatures.

  • Decorating the tree

  • Lighting the Advent Wreath

Sunday Service Information

10:55 AM

Traditional Worship
Sunday School  
10 AM  for all ages

Youth Group
5-7 PM every Sunday

This Sunday

Dr. David Wadsworth
Glory and Silence
Exodus 34:29-35 and Luke 9:28-36

Deacons for February
Jane White
Wood Smith